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A Traveller's Guide to Rome is published by Unica Online in association with Knownworld Travel, the same people who publish OfftoLondon.com, OfftoNew York.com, OfftoParis.com and Off to Britain. We have been providing information and online travel services to international travellers since 1996 and have long standing relationships with service providers, hotel booking companies in the US and Europe, tour operators and ticket agents.

Our goal, very simply, is to be an easy-to-use information source for Rome bound travellers. We try to keep the simple to navigate, publish only accurate, timely information and provide quality services for the online purchase of hotel rooms, tickets, and tours.

Tours of Rome & Destination Nearby
We have over 34 activities for you to enjoy while in Rome including day and night sightseeing cruises, 31 sightseeing tours (three at night) and an overnight tour to Florence too! Below are three of our most popular tours provided by Knownworld Travel. To see of their Tours of Rome, click here.
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Barolo Region Private Wine Tour 5 - 9 hours - Departs from Turin

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