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A Traveller's Guide to the Caribbean and Bahama Islands is published by Unica Online in association with Knownworld Travel, the same people who publish, OfftoNew,, Off to Rome, Off to Britain, Off to Las Vegas and Off to Cancun. We have been providing information and online travel services to international travellers since 1996 and have long standing relationships with service providers, hotel booking companies in the US and Europe, tour operators and ticket agents.

Our goal, very simply, is to be an easy-to-use information source for Cancun bound travellers. We try to keep the simple to navigate, publish only accurate, timely information and provide quality services for the online purchase of hotel rooms, tickets, and tours.

We provide as many choices as possible for accomodations in the islands and provide access to several distinct discount hotel reservation systems within the site. They offer discount rates, photo previews and detailed descriptions for hotels and, of course, secure reservations.

Hotel Reservations
We have two hotel booking partners to choose from. Both negotiate rates directly with the hotel and resorts and pass the savings on to you. Their hotel coverage varies, but the savings are consistent. You don't need to register. Try several and compare hotels and rates.

1USExcellent Island coverage$ - per room night
2USExcellent Island coverage$ - per room night

Island Tours
We are affiliated with Viator Destination Tours for the online purchase of guided sightseeing and adventure tours in the islands. We have a variety of activities for you to enjoy while in the islands including day and night cruises, adventure tours, horseback riding, river rafting and more. Activities vary from island to island. Click see of all Island tours
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