Mention Charleston to anyone and they'll tell you it's beautiful... and it is. The historic district is a time capsule and an architectural delight. The homes and churches are perfectly preserved and the best way to see them is to take a horse-drawn, carriage ride. They are highly regulated by the city and take about an hour. Tour routes are decided randomly by drawing a number, but all routes are in the district. Our driver/guides was a college student, a Charleston native, and was very well versed in the local history and the architecture. If you plan on taking a tour, we highly recommend the beautifully produced Charleston Architectural Map. It's a great souvenir and a very detailed reference of the Historic District.

There is much to explore, experience and enjoy in Charleston. You can take a sailing cruise of the harbor out to Fort Sumter where the first shots of the Civil War were fired. See the Hunley, the confederate submarine that was the first ever to sink a ship during war. It's at the Hunley Museum. Visit a rice plantation. Play golf at one of the many courses in the area. Relax at the beach at the Isle of Palms about 30 minutes from the city.